Robert & Serge


Father and son team, Robert and Serge Cornelissen, have between them more than fifty years' experience in devising and designing architectural lighting concepts.

His background and love for his craft meant Serge was aware of how important lighting is in diverse architectural contexts. With every new design he spends just as much time considering the aesthetic as the technical aspect of lighting. The design agency works on the belief that architecture is just as diverse as the lighting that goes into the building. As a result, each design is unique, based on specialist know-how and is individually styled to suit the market. 

Serge Cornelissen has already designed many unique lighting concepts for lighting manufacturers all over the world, and won several awards to boot. 

Ocean View

The Cornelissens are far from newcomers. The Ocean View is an architectural lighting concept. The light fixture is made of recycled ocean plastic and imitates the dynamics of sunlight or moonlight dancing on the surface of water.

Want to know how the Ocean View came into being?