Accessories are an important piece of the puzzle in completing a lighting concept. A long led tube, a led bulb or a led lamp with a visible filament: the possibilities are endless. Accessories are, however, more than only light … The composit boxes, different kits and the drivers are at least as important.

An attractive design or unique lighting concept would be nothing without the right accessories and the technology that makes the lamp shine as it's supposed to. Want to be able to dim or adjust the lighting level? Prefer a lamp with visible bulb or a conventional LED bulb?

Here you will find all the technical supplies you need to make the lighting scheme for your project shine.

everything is related to everything

The ambience and experience are inseparably linked to light and the luminaire. If we dig a little deeper, you will soon notice that everything is related to everything. A recessed luminaire is worthless without a proper kit to make it all blend together nicely. If you opt for an inferior control system, you risk missing a part of the experience. In short, the right accessories are crucial! And we have all the necessary tools for any type of fixture.

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