Que bella. What’s in a name? The Bella family dances and lights up your interior from a hidden position. The recessed luminaires remain hidden and bring your space to life. A subtle lighting concept that is distant but focuses on the experience.

Embedded in the ceiling and easily adjustable in terms of color. Bella is a recessed spot light with a 65 mm diameter and a composite base. Thanks to the use of the innovative material, the embedded module can be painted immediately, depending on the interior and the design. 

The LED technology clicks together using magnets and provides an output of maximum 6.2 watt. For extra versatility, Bella can be tilted up to 15 degrees.

Easy installation

The Bella is almost identical to the Gigi, only the diameter of the housing and the opening differ. As with a number of other families, Bella also offers an easy installation. The LED module of the Bella can be easily installed by using magnets mounted in the luminaire. This means you avoid extra costs and save time.

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