The Fiorella is not only a frontrunner in aesthetics, but this recessed luminaire also takes the lead with regard to ease of installation. The Fiorella is the finishing touch.


The Fiorella is of supernatural beauty. The Fiorella family is not only a frontrunner in aesthetics, they are also unbelievably easy to install. With her wide range of finishes and variants, this recessed luminaire is a feast for the eyes and the finishing touch for your interior.

A unique system for invisible mounting in a suspended ceiling. By using small screws, the base tightens automatically, to never let go again. 
Plastering hides the entire profile, including edges.

As a result, you get a seamless spot light using magnetic power as fixation for the visible luminaire.

The right finish

In addition to finishes in black, white and gold, the Fiorella in oak veneer is something special. The fixture, encased in wood veneer, is the result of a clever example of craftsmanship. Processing or working with wood is a craft and requires time and expertise. What you get in return is a product that is a godsend in interiors where wood has the upper hand. The Fiorella is capable of anything.

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