Louise is mysterious. She fits in anywhere but feels most at home in apartments and on concrete ceilings. There she can excel and, quite literally, shine. Because she is so compact and petite, this surface mounted spot light is suitable for applications in any room.

A mere 38,5 millimeter mounting height: the size of a coin. That’s all Louise needs. The innovative design of this surface mounted spot light uses the horizontal space for the technical execution. Available in different sizes and custom-made versions.
In black or gold. With organic openings or straight-lined spotlights.

Louise is the architectural dream solution for low spaces or areas making optimal use of the free height.

A compact fit

Louise is especially suitable for apartments and/or for mounting on concrete ceilings. The lighting concept is compact, making it easy to fit anywhere. Choose the elongated version with two to four spots in a row (round or square) or go for the square model. All surface mounted modules are available in white, black, gold finish or red copper.

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