Nicolas puts your living space literally and figuratively in the 'spot light'. The large eyes of this recessed luminaire look out over your interior searching for accents, places or corners that require special attention. Nicolas is tough, looks cheeky, but knows how to create atmosphere.

A tiltable downlighter that is 360 degrees orientable with maximum performance and extraordinary finishing. Meet Nicolas. This recessed spot light sets itself apart through the use of a closed aluminum frame. The frame can be easily adjusted according to the width of the ceiling for a seamless integration and prevents – for the first time – peep-in in the hollow ceiling space. 

Through magnetic fixation Nicolas is very easy to install. Also in a stretch ceiling.

Timeless and all-round

Timeless, sleek and neat: these are some of the keywords that best describe the Nicolas family. The quality finish of the fixture fits perfectly with contemporary interiors, but can also emphasize the rustic character of the rooms in which you want to integrate Nicolas. An all-rounder with a wide range of applications.

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