Orphelia has something enchanting. The pendant luminaires from the family almost all have a different character, but at the same time it is difficult for them to hide their similarities. The Orphelia family allows endless combinations and personalization.

Give it your own twist, let your imagination run wild. Orphelia in rural homes or in sleek interiors: it doesn't matter, she makes an impression anyway.

Aesthetics and technique united in one family, with Orphelia, Louwizz has launched stylish suspended luminaires greatly varying in height, details and diameters. This results in great architectural freedom to surprise people and to create a nice atmosphere and lighting with visible filament lamps. The wire is robustly embedded in the hollow connection and uses an innovative hinge. 

Each version of Orphelia is tiltable up to 30 degrees and is available in a variety of materials.

Match the luminaire

Matching the luminaire with your parquet and/or wooden furniture is no problem with the available wood veneer finishes. If you prefer the warmth of red copper or bronze, the Orphelia is definitely for you. Making a choice is a piece of cake and happens entirely according to your own taste and imagination. First choose a fixture, then a flush or surface mounted foot (depending on the situation), the length of the rod or cable and finally your favorite color.

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