With Raphael, 'what you see is what you get', without frills, unpretentious. He is sleek and pure, but has enough flair to get the best out of classic interiors. Raphael is a surface mounted luminaire that has made apartments into his habitat. Whether you combine or opt for uniformity, Raphael will find an answer.

Enjoy lovely, clear-cut lines, both in terms of design and following installation. This surface mounted spotlight is available in a wide range of versions. The common determinant? Ease of us and ease of installation. Thanks to its unique recesses and arched openings on the base plate, Raphael can be installed extremely easily and precisely. 

No need to measure. You just need to align it with a laser and adjust it and you’re all set.

in the name of

easy installation

Raphael is especially suitable for applications in apartments and/or for mounting on concrete ceilings. The V-recesses on the mounting plate ensure that the installer can effortlessly place different luminaires in a line, without additional actions such as measuring or drawing a line. The banana-shaped mounting holes, on the other hand, are a handy tool if adjustments are needed. All in the name of easy installation.

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