The design, the material and just 'the way she moves': the Rose family has what it takes. The recessed luminaire seduces with its body of composite, but remains discrete if you prefer. You can, of course, also let her loose and let your architectural freedom run free. Rose is adaptable.

Creative with materials and colors. Thanks to the use of composite, the visible part of the basic profile – subtlety stair-shaped for easy installation – can be painted immediately. This results in a discreet, minimalist luminaire which entirely adapts to the architecture and its surroundings. Either by standing out or by blending subtlety in the ceiling: it’s up to you. 

The LED module easily clicks in its place through magnets and can be fully oriented thanks to several hinge points.

The assets of composite

Composite is a material with many assets. It is smooth, easy to install and can be worked on immediately (fill or paint), does not shrink or expand and has a high fire resistance. In addition, the composite base allows for quick assembly, which saves time for the installer, and in particular, results in a lower invoice for the end customer.  

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