Track systems give you a lot of freedom, not only in terms of positioning, but also in terms of combining different fixtures. Flexibility and energy savings go hand in hand. The low voltage rails come with numerous accessories, tailored to our different track systems.

Rail systems provide for a high degree of architectural freedom, undoubtedly the case for non-flush mounted applications. You can combine several luminaires, with or without different finishes, on one and the same rail and then position, direct and tilt them as required. 

Choosing track lighting means choosing flexibility.

track adds value

Track systems give your interior just that little bit extra. Especially in homes and/or apartment buildings with a concrete ceiling or where recessed luminaires are not an option, they offer an absolute added value. And they also score well in the project market. Would you like to highlight a different accent in your project from time to time or is dynamics at the top of your priority list? Opt for a track system from Louwizz.

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