Louwizz luminaires proudly conquer the Castle of Ranchicourt in France!

Mrs. Delchambre, the current owner of this magnificent castle, fell in love with the Louwizz luminaires and asked us to design pendants to accompany the almost royal staircases.  She was looking for something unique, a luminaire that has never been seen before!

Project | Europe

The castle, that dates back to the eighteenth century, is situated in lush greenery.  During the First World War, this castle housed the Headquarters of the General Staff of the First British Army General Horne Castle Rebreuve-Ranchicourt.  According to the archives, the castle was the scene of large gatherings of troops in 1918.


The new luminaires: Diana Long and Diana Short, are designed by Koen Amelynck, developed by Nikolaas Segers and custom made by the Louwizz craftsmen.


The castle of Ranchicourt offers an exceptional green setting where you can build your team, invite your clients, or maybe even celebrate your wedding?


Located fifteen minutes from Bethune and near the Louvre museum in Lens , golf Olhain and Cross Raceway in Ternois , Castle Ranchicourt welcomes you for your professional and private events.


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